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"You must believe in order to achieve."
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Gone but never forgotten.

Aldo was one of my best friends. I got to know him the last few years of his life when he modeled for my clothing brand, Dopeness Monster.

During college, he was one of the homies I kicked it with almost every other day. Although we weren’t very good at it, we used to skate at this downhill parking lot behind Quickstop.

One of my favorite memories was us hopping the 7 foot gate, of the skate park @ Lake Elizabeth. It was closed during the Winter. Remy was with us, chillin in her car. I would attempt to ride the ramps, & Aldo would attempt to 50/50 the rails. A few minutes after getting into the park we spot the ranger heading towards us. She’s about 20 feet from the gate. We scramble to hop out the other side of the gate, and run up a hill that leads to the police station. The whole time Remy is in her car thinking what the fuck are these stupid guys doing? We skate around the parking lot and realize that its the police station, then decide to ride down to where Remy is. As we skate down the paved walkway back to Remy’s car, we end up rolling by the ranger. Nervously we smiled really big and waived hi & bye.

A lot of the stories we have of Aldo are pictured in this design that my wife, Remy created (remywildandfree.tumblr.com)

Aldo was always down for adventure. He was like the wind; wherever he’d go, he’d end up & he was OK with that. I know wherever he is right now he’s enjoying his time. Its the one thing about his character that continues to inspire me every day.

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Cypress Hill - Black Sunday.


Cypress Hill - Black Sunday.

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